I want to give well-being, self-love, relaxation and security to people.

For me, cosmetics has nothing to do with artificiality and superficiality. Cosmetics for me is to keep the body, the mind and the soul healthy, to provide a good and pleasant body feeling and to discover and unfold your own natural beauty on the whole level.

Well-being also means being well-groomed for me because it gives so much pleasure when you are lovingly cared for, by yourself and others, and can look lovingly at you and just feel happiness because you can discover the beauty in everything.

It is my concern to give you an honest, good and nice feeling about yourself and to do something good for you.

I am a certified beautician with a three-year professional education and have completed multiple training across different areas of cosmetics. Since March 1st, 2011 I run my own studio in downtown Zurich.